Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Promoting eBooks

While visiting another blog, I read where an author was frustrated because they didn't know how to promote their eBook. Nothing to sign etc. So I'm throwing it out to all of you. If you have your book out as an eBook, how have you promoted it?

Or, what is your opinion on eBooks?

Have you read one? How? Do you have an e-reader? Which one? Would you read an eBook?

On another list I saw where eBooks are having an anniversary. They been around now for 40 years. So I think maybe they are here to stay.

I read my first eBook at least twelve years ago on a Rocket reader. I loved that old reader. It had a backlight so when the lights went out I could still read. Now I have A Sony, and have been thinking about moving up to one that can does color.

Anyone here tried the Literati? I've seen one at Kohles.

Friday I am speaking to some sixth graders about being an author. I'm sure the subject of eBooks will come up.

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