Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lady Shakespeare’s Ophelia, to the Rainbow Bridge. March 15 2003 to April 9, 2013

Lady Shakespeare’s Ophelia, to the Rainbow Bridge. March 15 2003 to April 9, 2013

Today at 12:30 PM Ophelia left for the Rainbow Bridge.  I can’t believe I’m writing these words.
Nine months ago, Ophelia was diagnosed with anal cancer.  She was doing well until last week, then things went bad.
                Ophelia was a Mother’s Day gift for me.  I chose her from a litter of mostly red and white basset puppies. 
                She was our first female basset.  I don’t know if that is the reason she was full of attitude, or if it’s a female basset hound thing.  She was a true princess.  Woe to any who did not respond to her demands and quickly.
                 We will miss her very much.
                Fly pain-free my princess. You will never be forgotten. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

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    Thursday, March 14, 2013

    One Tough Week

     This has been an emotional week for me.  We decided to sell our motor home   We haven't taken it out in two years.  It was the right decision  Some friends bought it from us.  I spent Monday cleaning it out.  There are so many memories of good times associated with it, nights under redwood trees, counting the stars, Quiet mornings, even afternoons listening to the rain splatter the roof.

    I'll miss the experiences. There are always camping cabins, but I liked having my own stuff around me.

    On the same Monday, my husband Jeff went out that morning to go to work, and his car was gone, yep, gone.  It has been stolen.

    That's never happened to us before.  It really pisses me off.  We have lived her for 21 years. It's always felt so safe. Now I feel violated.

    Dealing with the insurance company has been interesting to say the least.  It's been three days now, so it looks like the car is gone or good.   This isn't a new car...it's a 1994 Honda Del Sol.

    Oh well, life goes on.

    Wednesday, February 20, 2013

    Cathleen Thompson

    My girlfriend Carol and I went out for drinks to a sports bar. I saw him across the bar, he looked interesting so, I moved to the other side. His blue eyes took my breath away. I had to find a way to strike up a conversation with him.
    Asking him what time it was, was a standard line it always work to get guys talking. Not this time he just gave me the time and went back to watching the TV. A little later I asked again I got shot down again. This was going to be harder than I thought.
    Carol was going on about how she needed to have her nose done to be more attractive to her latest boyfriend. I came up with a new angle. I turned to him and asked him if he thought she needed a nose job. I turned to the guy sitting next to Carol and asked him. It got every body talking. Carol thought I had lost my mind. I being the quiet type. My actions really shocked her. It did get him talking. Talking all night. We danced and got to know each other better.
    The bar was closing, Carol worked it out that he would take me back to my car.
    Where we sat in he’s truck and talked until the sun rose. The more he talked the more interesting he was becoming. I told him to call me at 6:30 that evening. I had a 50 - 50 chance that he would call.
    That evening the phone rang right on time it was him. He said would you like to see the sun set and the moon rise. We went out for a drink and a drive in the mountains and did just that. We have been together ever since.
    Cathleen Thompson 2013

    Thursday, February 14, 2013

    How Jeff and I met.

     Since today is Valentine's Day I thought I'd share with you how I met my Jeff.

    In was 1971. I'd taken some time out before planning to attend college and become a grade-school teacher.

    I'd moved out on my own and worked at a steak house in Salem, Oregon.  Myself and two of the girls I worked with decided to rent an apartment together.  We found one not to far from where we worked.

    The day we moved in a couple of guys offered to help.  Seems they'd moved out of the apartment we were moving in to.  Their's was now on the lower level of the complex.

    Jeff was one of the guys.

    We accepted their help..that's how it all began.  At first I wasn't interested in Jeff.  I was seeing someone else at the time.  Jeff didn't seem my type, a little nerdy.  He'd been out of the Navy for about six months and was making up for lost time where the ladies were concerned.

    One night after I'd gotten off work, I came home, planned to change my clothes and take off to meet the guy I was seeing.  Well, the battery went dead in my car.

    Jeff was home an offered to help, but there was nothing to be done at that time of night.

    So we spent the next hours talking.   The next night he came up to the apartment to ask if he'd left his cigarette lighter there. He smoked then.  I knew he hadn't, but invited him in to look for it anyway.

    We had a whirlwind of a courtship.  Jeff and the guys moved into a house the next week, and I moved along with them.

    I should say that we met on my birthday, September 4th.  On Christmas Eve Jeff proposed to me.  We were at my folks' place, encased in separate sleeping bags.  My dad didn't care if we were living together, we weren't married, so no sharing a bed at his place.  One thing about my dad. When I moved in with Jeff, I went and told Mom and then said, you can tell Dad.  This happened in October and then I took Jeff to my  parents place for Christmas. By the way, when I told Mom I was moving in with Jeff, her response was, 'Well, we raised you right, so it must be more than just sex.'

    Well at just before midnight, Christmas Eve, Jeff proposed and I said yes.  Like everything else about our relationship we didn't waste any time getting married.  We tied the knot, January 22, 1972 in a small church in Salem. Our family and friends were there.  With the help of my sister-in-law to be, I made my own wedding dress. Jeff's sister and brother-in-law stood up with us and that left his then two-year-old niece by herself.  In the middle of the ceremony, she got out of her seat, made her way to the piano and decided to serenade us all.

    The reception was held at my grandparent's house, and on the way there Jeff bent over and ripped out the pants of the suit he was wearing, so we had to make a detour to where we lived for him to change his pants.

    That was all forty-one years ago.  Sometimes how long you know someone doesn't matter.  It only takes finding the one right  someone.

    Happy Valentine's Day. 

    Friday, February 8, 2013

    Randolph Tower

     In honor of February I am posting stories of how folks met their significant others.  The first is from my sometimes writing partner, Randolph Tower. 

     Many years after Randolph became a widower, he decided to give internet dating a try.   Here are his thoughts on the process. 

    Internet dating, well since I only did it one time, and ended up marrying the one I met, I don’t believe I am much of an expert.  Since my friend and writing partner Barbara M. Hodges wants a blurb from me on Internet Dating here we go.

    I have noticed that most people get one contact and start talking about meeting.  I believe they are missing the opportunity to get to know the person they have met.  Exchange a few e-mails get to know the person you are writing to, otherwise it is no better than that pick-up at the bar.  You don’t know what you are getting into.  There are people out there trying very hard to scam you.

    Talk straight, be honest, after all, if and when you do meet, you don’t want to have a pack of lies hanging over your head.  It is amazing how well you can get to know the one you are writing and exchanging thoughts with, slow and easy and one day you will realize you really do want to meet this person.  

    One last thought, open up, say what you’re thinking.  Don’t hold back.  This is the portal to really knowing someone.  Be the stoic wooden Indian and you won’t learn a thing.

    Randolph Tower

    Saturday, January 26, 2013

    Review of Time's Twisted Arrow

    Time’s Twisted Arrow

    by Rysa Walker

    ISBN 10: 0988351102

    ISBN 13: 978-0-9883511-0-3

    What the books about:

    Kate is a typical sixteen year-old with a normal life, that is until she meets her grandmother Katherine. Katherine has been away in Europe for many years and it is clear from their first meeting that there is much animosity between Katherine and her daughter, Deborah, Kate’s mother.

    If that isn’t bad enough for Kate, she is utterly confused by the bright blue light she sees radiating from the ornate pendant her grandmother has. What floors her even more, is no one else seems to see it.

    Katherine says she is ill with cancer, and asks to spend more time with Kate, she wants to get to know her granddaughter. Deborah grudgingly agrees, and with that decision, Kate’s life changes forever.

    The blue light coming from the pendant means Kate has the ability to time travel. A skill she must learn, and learn quickly, for the world about her will change and if she wants her old life back, then she must confront a situation from the past to correct it. It’s something that must be done, but it also demands much from her, for although she misses her old life, there’s much in the one she lives now that she hates to leave behind.

    Book Review:

    I loved this story. The plot is packed with action and keeps you turning the pages. I didn’t understand the science behind the time travel, but found I really didn’t care. I was willing to accept that it can, and did happen.

    I enjoyed going back in time and seeing the different eras from the author’s point of view. Kate’s beginning skepticism and even anger with her grandmother rings true. Her befuddlement and pain of having people she loves suddenly no longer exist touched me.

    Walker ratchets the tension page by page. I had to get to the ending, but hated that my ride was over when I did. I wait eagerly for the sequel.

    Buy link: