Saturday, January 26, 2013

Review of Time's Twisted Arrow

Time’s Twisted Arrow

by Rysa Walker

ISBN 10: 0988351102

ISBN 13: 978-0-9883511-0-3

What the books about:

Kate is a typical sixteen year-old with a normal life, that is until she meets her grandmother Katherine. Katherine has been away in Europe for many years and it is clear from their first meeting that there is much animosity between Katherine and her daughter, Deborah, Kate’s mother.

If that isn’t bad enough for Kate, she is utterly confused by the bright blue light she sees radiating from the ornate pendant her grandmother has. What floors her even more, is no one else seems to see it.

Katherine says she is ill with cancer, and asks to spend more time with Kate, she wants to get to know her granddaughter. Deborah grudgingly agrees, and with that decision, Kate’s life changes forever.

The blue light coming from the pendant means Kate has the ability to time travel. A skill she must learn, and learn quickly, for the world about her will change and if she wants her old life back, then she must confront a situation from the past to correct it. It’s something that must be done, but it also demands much from her, for although she misses her old life, there’s much in the one she lives now that she hates to leave behind.

Book Review:

I loved this story. The plot is packed with action and keeps you turning the pages. I didn’t understand the science behind the time travel, but found I really didn’t care. I was willing to accept that it can, and did happen.

I enjoyed going back in time and seeing the different eras from the author’s point of view. Kate’s beginning skepticism and even anger with her grandmother rings true. Her befuddlement and pain of having people she loves suddenly no longer exist touched me.

Walker ratchets the tension page by page. I had to get to the ending, but hated that my ride was over when I did. I wait eagerly for the sequel.

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