Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Believe

I Believe
Barbara M. Hodges

I believe in rainbows
And russet sunsets
I believe in children’s laughter
And healing tears
I believe in fog-shrouded beaches
And sun-spotted fields
I believe in sloppy, basset kisses
And warm kitty breath
I believe in tomorrow
And happily ever after
I believe in red carnations
And lavender roses
I believe in a friend’s hug
And holding hands
I believe in a family’s love
And that nieces will outgrow fourteen
I Believe.


  1. Just loved the poem, Barbara, especially the ending! How very true ...
    I hope to have Thin Time available in the early autumn, so do please send your address so that when the time comes I can send your copy.. hugs..
    I've been wearing your delightful gift, does the circular design have some Zen like significance?

  2. Let me know when Thin Time is ready and I will send you my address. Thanks so much.


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