Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wondering about choices.

May 15th was the anniversary of my dad's death. He's been gone now 16 years. I went to visit Mom and we were talking. I asked her if she every thought what her life would have been like if Dad was still here.

Somethings I know would have been different...she would still be living in Salem, Oregon. If she hadn't moved closer to me, into the mobile home park, I wouldn't have met Maggie, who is one of my best friends now. Maggie and I wouldn't have written, A Spiral of Echoes.

I know many other things would also be different.

I started thinking about other choices I've made in my life and how if I'd went a different way, my life would be different. If I'd married, the other guy, and not Jeff. If we decided to have children. If we'd given up on our marriage when we went through some rough times.

What choices have you made in your life, that if you'd chosen differently, you'd most likely be in a different place right now?

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