Friday, February 8, 2013

Randolph Tower

 In honor of February I am posting stories of how folks met their significant others.  The first is from my sometimes writing partner, Randolph Tower. 

 Many years after Randolph became a widower, he decided to give internet dating a try.   Here are his thoughts on the process. 

Internet dating, well since I only did it one time, and ended up marrying the one I met, I don’t believe I am much of an expert.  Since my friend and writing partner Barbara M. Hodges wants a blurb from me on Internet Dating here we go.

I have noticed that most people get one contact and start talking about meeting.  I believe they are missing the opportunity to get to know the person they have met.  Exchange a few e-mails get to know the person you are writing to, otherwise it is no better than that pick-up at the bar.  You don’t know what you are getting into.  There are people out there trying very hard to scam you.

Talk straight, be honest, after all, if and when you do meet, you don’t want to have a pack of lies hanging over your head.  It is amazing how well you can get to know the one you are writing and exchanging thoughts with, slow and easy and one day you will realize you really do want to meet this person.  

One last thought, open up, say what you’re thinking.  Don’t hold back.  This is the portal to really knowing someone.  Be the stoic wooden Indian and you won’t learn a thing.

Randolph Tower

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  1. I had some hilarious mismatches on one dating sight. Last ditch effort was EHarmony. If we'd met any other way we never would have given each other a second glance as on the surface we're total opposites. Next month will be our 7th anniversary.


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