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Book Review

Book Review For Books In Sync Children’s Literature Author Marjorie Haun. Which Include The Heroes Of The Vietnam War Books: Little Bird Dog And The Big Ship Book One And Saving The Vietnamese Orphans Book Two.

Written by: Majorie Haun and Illustrated by Stephen Adams

About The Books:

Miss Haun’s books are written for children, telling of a portion of American history that must never be forgotten, but adults will very much love the tales too.

In Little Bird Dog and The Big Ship, we fly along with a Vietnamese major and his wife and five children as they flee their home under a barrage of machine-gun bullets, leaving behind everything. Their destination, the aircraft carrier, Midway.

In Saving The Viatnamese Orphans, we are taken again into Viet Nam and become a part of Operation Babylift. In 1975 many people came together to rescue over 2,600 orphaned Vietnamese children. Many with American fathers.
Both of these books touched a chord within me. Although young, when the Viet Nam War was happening, I remember the horror stories of death and the surge of strong emotions that were a part of the United States. Miss Haun’s books tell us of a different side, those whose lives were destroyed in their homelands.

In Little Bird Dog and The Big Ship, we feel Major Bung Ly’s panic as he wrestles with his small plane, as the tikka-tikka-tikka, of bullets whizz by.
Their destination is the aircraft carrier, Midway. But although the ship is huge, helicopters have been bringing refugees to its deck all day.
When the captain sees the small plane, he tells a crewman to inform the pilot, there is no room for him to land. He must ditch the airplane. But Major Ly can’t do so, not with his wife and five children aboard. How can he let those below know?

Little Bird Dog and The Big Ship, is beautifully illustrated by Stephen Adams. His illustrations and Miss Haun’s words make for a wonderful book for children and adults alike.

With, Saving the Vietnamese Orphans. Miss Haun tugs on your heartstrings with more force. All of those orphaned children, and money and supplies almost non-existent. Although there is some sadness, it is uplifting to read how people of our nation pulled together to save those children.
Again, Stephen Adams illustrations make Miss Haun’s words jump from the pages. Both of the books are short, but they leave a large impression on your heart.
Two highly recommended reads.

Reviewed by Barbara M. Hodges-Straight Talk Book Reviews
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