Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Morning

It's cold here, well cold for the central coast of CA. Jeff is still snuggled in bed. Ophelia, the diva basset hound, has just decided to join him. Hamlet is sleeping in his chair next to computer on Mom, guard duty.

The sun's out, you'd think it was nice until you stick your nose out the door. I am so mad at myself, I believed the weather man and didn't cover the avocado tree in the front yard last night. It's still young and needs babied. We haven't picked our first avocado yet. I do love avocados.

Had a scare a couple of weeks ago. My Mom who is 80, and lives by herself, fell in the bathroom. She's has a pre-ulcer and her tummy was giving her some problems that eve. She said the pain made her dizzy and she took a tumble.

We spent four hours in the ER. It was full of parents with sick babies. The doc spent about ten minutes with Mom, said she'd bruised a rib and gave her some pain meds.

A worrisome situation. But over all Mom's in good health, but I hate to see her getting older. I don't know tha happened...I'm not getting any older. I don't care what that dang mirror shows me in the bathroom.

Next Friday I am speaking to a middle grade class in Pleasanton, CA about the life of being an author. My niece is in one of the classes. It will be interesting to see what young people of that age ask me about being an author.

Hubby's up and I need another cup of coffee. Later.

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