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Great Review for A Spiral of Echoes

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A Spiral of Echoes
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By Barbara M. Hodges, Maggie Pucillo
Chalet Publishers, $16.95, 306 pages

After Isabelle discovers her husband’s death and his latest lover, she withdraws, and goes on a quest to find herself on her own terms. Despite badgering from her friends, she treks back to her beloved Baja, Mexico, to escape the hectic life of her past, to rejoin and reconnect with her original love — weaving and nature. As the story advances, the reader is in for a treat. A ghost and a handsome volcanologist distract Isabelle.

The two authors have coordinated an introspection seldom seen. Theirs is a study of a woman’s escape from the tradition of roles to find her inner self. She gradually learns the importance of time passage, allowing her feelings to connect with the ocean and animals around her. The authors share a brilliant glimpse of the inner thoughts of a woman discouraged by those close to her, while inspired by a rediscovery of her connection with nature.

Although Maggie Pucillo appears to be new on the scene, Barbara M. Hodges has penned five other novels, each focusing on a different literary approach. With a flowing vocabulary, the authors enjoy a style that pulls the reader into the prose and doesn’t let go.

Reviewed by D. Wayne Dworsky

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