Friday, April 9, 2010

Gateway to the Weekend.

It's Friday. What are your plans? Mine include giving my friend Maggie another lesson on getting around the Internet.

She's one of the few people I knew who were not online. Any of those in your life?

It's going to be another warm day here...yippee! That means a good workout in the pool.

I always ask my guest on my Blog Talk Radio, No Limits, this question...If you could go back in time and ask anyone a question, who would it be, what would you ask, and why do you want to know?

I've had some interesting answers. Christ in a number one choice. My two guests, yesterday had two answers that really made me think.

Pauline Baird Jones said she would go back in time and talk to herself as a child. And Mary Jo Nickum said she like to speak to the apostle Peter's wife, ask her what she thought of Peter being a follower of Christ, being away alot etc.

What is your response to the questions?

Went to Bingo last night. One of my friends there is involved with obedience training with her Jack Russel Terrier, Radar. He is doing great. I have basset hounds. My two don't respond well to such training. Sometimes I think basset hounds are related to cats. If I throw a ball they look at me threw go get it!

Copies of A Spiral of Echoes have been ordered. It won't be long now until I have a copy in my little hands.

Have a great Friday.

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