Monday, October 1, 2012

The Silver Angel is available!

Desert Breeze Publishing has released, The Silver Angel, the third book in my young adult fantasy series.


The rift is again open. In six short years of life, half elf and half human, Angel Silverthorne has grown to adulthood. She knows to save her own life she must go to live in Daradawn, but feels only fear and anger at being forced to travel into another world. In the elven lands of Vilsathor her royal grandparents wait, but there is more to face then family; for in Daradawn there also waits, a renegade user of dark magic out to seduce her for his own ends, a unknown little half-sister with an ambitious mother, and her own acceptance of a heritage she has fought to distance herself from since she was old enough to recognize her own elven blood. In Daradawn Angel will make choices that will affect all, and even lead to danger for her, but is it her body she must protect, or her heart?

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