Friday, August 10, 2012

Reveiw for One Last Sin

A great review of One Last Sin. It was a little long so I trimmed for posting. 

One Last Sin
Randolph Tower
Barbara M. Hodges

An unidentified man survives an accident unarmed. Special Agent Gail Crane of the (FBI) is on the case along with Detective Darcie Carmichael of the Santa Maria Police Department and Ex-CIA operative Morgan Garrett

How can this man survive a jet crash and come out unscathed? How did he wind up next to the cockpit when the passengers on the plane were all burned beyond recognition? One pilot, one co-pilot and two passengers were aboard the Lear Jet. How did this man wind up there too?

Two pilots, whose names do not appear anywhere and whose identities remain unknown, a mechanic for the Lear jet, missing and a state senator that wants him found. Just where will this go. Was the plane sabotaged?What is the link to the Senator? It is the job of the three investigators in charge to discover the answers.

The investigation moves ahead. As the links start to fit and the cases overlap, one state senator  moves to keep the mystery man in the dark, and just how he does it will surprise the reader. 

In each chapter the authors share the voices of one character as each investigator, or detective, explains what they are doing next.

 They will have to unravel a ring that extorts money, blackmails store owners for protection, find out who was really in that plane, why Duke/Jonathan watched what happened to his father and stood by and did nothing to stop it.

Many different plots cleverly intertwined all stemming from a murder to cover up someone’s past, characters that are powerful and an ending that will surprise the reader. Just what is the connection to the drug cartel? Who is involved? Why did Bethany marry Everett and walk out after the wedding? Will Darcie and Morgan ever tie the knot? Did Jonathan really have a memory lapse? Realistic storyline, characters that move the plot along, powerful people that think they are immune to the law, and one man who is determined to find out what really happened to his father. 

 One agent shot, one man’s memory erased, what will be their final fate? What was the killer’s ONE LAST SIN? Authors Barbara Hodges and Randolph Tower know the answers to these questions and you will too when you read this novel. What’s next for Morgan, Darcie, Gail and Duke? Let’s hope they come back for more.

What happens when a Lear Jet crashes and the people on the plane are unidentified? Just who was on the plane and why? What really happened? Russians, racketeers, prostitution, murder, drugs and much more will be revealed before all is said and done. One Last Sin: What’s Yours?

Fran Lewis: reviewer

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