Thursday, August 16, 2012

2013 Ariana eBook Cover Finalist Announced

2013 Ariana eBook Cover Art AwardsT Finalists Announced

Since 2000, EPIC has recognized exceptional eBook cover artists. EPIC's
President, Betty Kasischke, explains, "Book covers - whether paper or
electronic - should be eye-catching, encouraging readers to pause for a
second glance. Cover art is an unmatched marketing tool that, when notable,
enhances sales. We have a variety of talented artists working within the
ePublishing industry and I am very proud to recognize EPIC's current

Finalist cover art is displayed at:
http://epicorg. com/competitions /ariana-ebook- cover-art- awards/vote- for-2013-
ariana-awards. html. Winners will be announced at EPIC's annual conference in
Vancouver, Washington. Details can be found on EPIC's website:
http://epicorg. com/epicon. html.

The Emerald Dagger, my book cover is one of the finalist in the fantasy category. 

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