Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some radom ramblings.

I'm reading a book titled Blue. A great one by the way. Part of the story is about a fantasy world that the girl and her father invented. The neat part is the world they invented became real and the story also is about what is happening in their created world.

It really made me think about all of the books and short stories I'd started and never finished. The problems I'd left unsolved. The characters I'd left in danger because I'd written myself into a corner, or just became bored with them. I even felt a twinge of unease.

As authors we are a bit like gods. We decide what our characters will or won't do. We put them in danger, make them happy, make them cry.

What if our worlds did go on once we turned away from them? What would we think when we stepped back in and saw that things had progressed, maybe in a way that we didn't care for, the wrong guy got the girl. So and so, didn't get the promotion he'd worked so hard for, or the dragon did eat the princess? Do we try again to take control, bend their stories to our will

I haven't finished reading Blue, so I don't know how that story ends.

How about your stories. What do you think has happened in your worlds since you wrote, The End. An intriguing thought, isn't it.

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