Saturday, March 12, 2011

Review of Ice

Received this book review for Ice. You can read it all on my website. Of course I am thrilled.

Two outstanding authors created this diabolical character that shows no remorse when killing, enjoys and thrives on the blood baths and wants to possess, not only her guiding spirit, but Morgan too. Men or women, it does not make a difference to Ice. She wants control, and in her own mind her father’s approval which she never got.
Murders so graphically described and expertly written you can feel the heat rising in the killer, her excitement as she slices her victims and the sense of release after committing the ultimate act of murder. No remorse, just a sense of satisfaction as she appeases her Hunger. Will Morgan give in to Sherice and join her in her hunt? What happens will let the reader know the length one woman will go to, to own, posses and envelope one man into her body, her soul, fulfilling her Hunger and Passion for blood and death.


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