Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thanks for the great suggestions

Thanks so much for the great suggestions. I will be using them for handouts.

How do you all feel about having a exercise in the workshop along these lines...if they've come with a potential writing partner, we pair them, if you not I'll just pick random pairs.

Then they will be given a story title and be asked to come up with a plot and the opening scene in twenty minutes.

We'll share them with the workshop and get feed back.

Received some great news yesterday, one of the ladies in my writing group, submitted her nonfiction book to my publisher and was offered a contract. She's walking on clouds right now.


  1. Lucky girl, how I'd love to have that happen to me! Send my congratualtions, won't you. Hugs..

  2. I think the more hands-on stuff you can give them to do the happier they'll be in the end. I don't create well under pressure like that, but I'd still prefer hands-on to nothing but lecture and powerpoint slides


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