Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Week Over

And another busy one. Had great weather though. It's the first time in awhile that we were able to have all three of our water workouts. It was great.

I'm involved with the Blog Jog on Sunday. I'm curious to see how that plays out. I plan to pick a random name from those who leave me a comment to send a spiral necklace too.

Maybe it can be you?

Doing a book signing tomorrow at the mobile home park where my mom lives. Maggie and I both know a lot of the folks there, so hopefully we'll sell a few copies of the book.

Talk to you later.


  1. I thought Blog Jog ment you planned to blog as you jogged. If so, please keep your third eye watching for other joggers - they may be blogging and/or texting! :>)

  2. Hi! Not sure how I got here but it looks interesting. I will follow!


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